Well The Times, They Are A Changin

I’m a very proud Canadian, my parents chose this country when the world was available to them. I always respected that, they chose Canada because it was peaceful.

The stories in the news have always tended to take over me. I can’t even list the number of news stories that have changed my life.

Today, the news out of Ottawa devastates me. The honour of standing guard in this position is so sacred that people asking why they “have no bullets” makes me cry.

I just want to say RIP to Cpl. Nathan Cirillo who was just standing on guard for thee.


9 thoughts on “Well The Times, They Are A Changin

      • Wow i love mr rogers my grandparents knew him he lived int Pittsburgh as did they and they arranged for me to meet him as a young kid it was great i still remember it like it was yesterday he gave me a land of make beleive that i kept till i was way to old to have had it i wish i still had it now but you know how kids would have teased me in highschool

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  1. Im sorry to ask because im ignorant what happened. I assume this person was killed. But i guess im asking why? Or how and why? I don’t understand stand hurting others well maybe a child moslester would be understandable but people seem so at ease these days with just hurt and killing others.

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