Found Love In a Hopeless Place – The Beer Store

Found Love In a Hopeless Place - The Beer StoreThis guy was cute! Never mind that his stupid girlfriend drives his lazy ass around.

S and S needed beer, plus we need to get another handful of trusty burger coupons. I pull into the worst parking lot on earth, almost running over an idiot. Ok, I need glasses before I kill someone, it’s true.

Walking to the beer store, there is some guy getting something out of his car and half of his ass is hanging out. I could have thrown walnuts in there, but really, who does that?

Convo (remembering that I don’t care about Princess in the car, because I never do)

Me: Nice ass
Bare Ass Dude: uh what?
Me: half your ass is hanging out!
BAD: so was it bad or what?
Me: not the worst thing I’ve seen today.

Staring, more staring.

That’s my day in a nutshell. Damn, wish I’d thrown walnuts in there.


18 thoughts on “Found Love In a Hopeless Place – The Beer Store

  1. Makes you think crack should kill, doesn’t it, S&S? Walnuts are too good for guys who are proud of flashing their butt in the beer store parking lot. Random loose stones, sure.

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