Who Said You Could Touch Me, Bozo

Who Said You Could Touch Me, Bozo.What is it with guys in their late fifties or sixties thinking they can just come along and put their arm around me or stuff their tongue in my mouth?

I must give off a “come fondle my hair” sort of pheromone, because random people just go ahead and touch me! I think you should keep your hands to yourself with strangers.

Unless he’s cute, that’s different.


5 thoughts on “Who Said You Could Touch Me, Bozo

  1. Had a woman i had never met before do this to me at a bar once was like wtf i think i was just almost moslested then my sister showed up and i said i have to go she thru a fit because she just got there ans I explained but ahe was like bs and five min later the woman came back and started to fondle me and rub me all over and demand i dance with her but i cant dance my sisters bf stepped up and said i will dance with you my sister said sorry offered to pay my tab while i snuck out.

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