Hey Big Spender!!!

Hey Big Spender!!!Spend a little time with me.

Great song for a gold digging bitch, am I right? I can never be called a gold digger. I won’t ever allow a random guy to buy me drinks in a bar. It can put a woman in a dangerous situation and it’s not worth the six bucks. (Please see my blog post about date rape drugs.) Besides, then you are stuck talking to this guy, how horrible. A gentleman, buying drinks? Run! He could be the love of your life, eww, how gross.

Ok, if the guy is cute and does the gentleman thing, I’d let him buy. One. Only because he is sweet and adorable. That’s why you leave the house right? To meet a sweet and adorable gentleman.

Big spenders are not adorable. They are arrogant, obnoxious arseholes, and they will hurt ya, even while you’re wearing that diamond bracelet (which are just pretty handcuffs.)

Not my scene, and you?


6 thoughts on “Hey Big Spender!!!

  1. When I was single in my 20’s I was blown away by a jerky guy who had a Porsche. Yup. I went out with him for the ride. And then it was over. Nope, the big spenders just don’t cut it if that’s all they have.

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  2. Oh yes, Big Spenders come with beautiful charms that are , bondage…!! Unless you are a woman of that character!!…Any human of wealth always has power..History tells that tale….One drink maybe, two depends on the ability to keep me amused..LOL…XOXO

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