Sexting And Other Failures

Sexting And Other FailuresSo great, we’ve met a guy, a really nice guy. Maybe we didn’t get much of a chance to talk to him at the time, so we gave him our phone number.

Eventually we get their first texts, they sound a little like this:

Guy: So, what do you like?

Girl: Oh, I like long walks on the beach and reading.

Guy: Noooo, I mean, in bed, what do you like?

Terrific, here we go. Typically, I would advise the man that I do not participate in such things on the phone. I won’t “sext” with anyone, and never have.

Here’s why:

Before your first date, it’s quite possible that he knows more about you than he would after ten dates.

A cell phone allows a glimpse into the most secret of things; you’ll say things on a cell phone that you would never say in person. Especially if you are being goaded into it by a guy that you like.

Within only a couple of hours, he potentially knows everything about your fetishes (if any), your likes and dislikes, and you have likely exchanged pictures with each other. He knows about your whips and chains, your love of whip cream and where to find your g-spot. That’s terrific, you may think you’ve done a good thing, and now that he knows you so well, everything will be just perfect.

Aaaaaaaaaaand now it’s your first date.

This is your first date with a man who has seen your breasts, knows that you like being blindfolded, knows that you lost your virginity at 16, he knows pretty much everything.

So, tell me, what do you talk about now?


26 thoughts on “Sexting And Other Failures

    • Even better there is a website where you can take your photo and his and it makes a what your baby looks like photo print out one or ten give them crazy baby names or save that fir the date either way it will be great conversation.

      I agree keep some mystery for the future dates.


  1. totally hate the virtual stranger trying to sext with me thing. I refuse! I just try not to text much with a potential or new dates. It’s a whacked way to get to know someone.

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  2. I do not sext with anyone before I know them…but if I did, I would still have loads to talk about on a first date. Sex is the last topic of conversation that comes up on a date that early on. I like to think that I am interesting enough without having to sink to the low hanging fruit of conversation…”Nice tits”. lol

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