Five Things I Wish My Mother Had Not Taught Me

Five Things I Wish My Mother Had Not Taught Me1. Marriage is hard work and not for the squeamish.

2. Happily ever after is a fairy tale.

3. Till death do us part is easier said than done.

4. People change and you have to roll with it.

5. Every day won’t be perfect, some days will feel impossible.

It would have been kinder to just let us believe that Prince Charming WAS real… instead of this coughing, pooping, farting, snoring regular man. Who wants that?  🙂

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22 thoughts on “Five Things I Wish My Mother Had Not Taught Me

  1. So true. Marriage it ain’t easy. That said it’s not perfect, we have our ups and downs but I’m one of the lucky/unlucky (depending how you view it) ones that so far it’s working out or maybe it’s were too skint to get divorced, lol!

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  2. If he had known all my secrets he wouldn’t have married me, either! Im glad his mothr lied to him! She gave you something to strive for, even though it’s impossible!


  3. I’m on my second marriage and my second husband doesn’t even closely resemble Prince Charming but at least this time I wasn’t expecting he did! 😉

    Oh and Elena told me to tell you #BlogShareLearn sent me!


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  4. So very true… Even though my mom told me basically the same things, as girls we always daydream of perfection and romance, which are pretty much nonexistent in the real world. Well,16 years in, it ain’t no fairytale but we make it work. We can handle the hard times! When life gives you lemons…. Slice those suckers up and find a bottle of tequila. 😜

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