The Five Percent

I have always had a theory that you can’t possibly expect to like 100% of another person. I usually expect that around 5% of someone’s personality is going to be aggravating. There will be things they do that are entirely annoying, but when you choose to live with it, you’ve chosen.

It’s what is IN the 5% that counts. So what if he is leaving the toilet seat up, dropping his laundry everywhere and can’t make you a cup of tea to save his life. That is nothing compared to a gambling problem, a drinking problem or abuse. So look at your partner and see what the 5% is, I’ll bet it’s nothing, I’ll bet you would miss the snoring, the squished toothpaste and the mustard in the mayo. Those are simple and cute things your spouse does that makes them unique. Appreciate it and be happy that they’re not spending thousands of dollars in an electronics store.

Then again, if his 5% includes a dorky addiction to video games, you just send him over here.


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