Funny? Who’s Funny?

Funny? Who's Funny?I love when people tell me I’m funny. I used to love when my dear departed mother would clap her hand over her mouth, and then smack me when I’d say inappropriate things. You could see her eyes sparkling with delight!

Being inappropriate/rude/racist is part of my charm, in my opinion anyway. Oh and yes, I can get in big trouble with my stupid mouth, “they can’t all be funny”.

The best thing about a sense of humour is bringing some joy and light to those that are grieving or, perhaps just having a horrible day. We all have those, I don’t care how rich, how happy, how successful you are, you have bad days.

If you can laugh at a family members funeral, you’re awesome. Life is short and people are funny, with great stories and wisdom. Absorb it all, people leave, they leave with their recipes, their tricks and their strength.

Suck it all up. Life is so short. Step lively.


15 thoughts on “Funny? Who’s Funny?

  1. Laughing at a funeral is tops. When my grandmother died, her body was shipped to California for burial. The paperwork for releasing her from the airport was missing so the funeral home couldn’t get her. Four hours later a freight truck arrived at the cemetery and we had to climb in the back to unpack the shipping crate to get the casket. Sure, it was a bit stressful for some of the family, but that old joke about “being late to her own funeral” kept running through my head – and I laughed out loud for quite a while.
    Laughter is the best medicine. It relieves stress, it lessens the pain of injury or insult, and it drives other people crazy. Thanks for the reminder, Doc. You’re the best.

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