Mr. Right Away

My next guy is gonna be sober, or so I keep telling myself. Have yet to figure out where in this pub are the sober guys!! I was pretty excited about the influx of new people, until I had a look at them. More geezers, drunkards, and slobs. You know how I love me some slobs.

Do you meet men at work? I would, but I work for a pretty small company, with cameras everywhere. And really, like any of them are sober.

Maybe I should find me a guy in politics. They’re usually sober with a good head on their shoulders.

Aww damn, where is Mayor Ford when you need him. “Haaaay”


3 thoughts on “Mr. Right Away

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    • I dont drink most of the time when i go to the bar im just hanging out and get stuck being the designated driver or as I like to call it the drunk babysitter. There’s nothing wrong with drinking. I really loved it when I was a teenager. I would get drunk and ride my skateboard all over in the middle of the night.
      So it’s possible that she could find somebody in a bar that’s not drinking and that single
      All that said I do find that the Meetup groups work better if you drink two shots really quick so that you’re able to interact with people you don’t know without anxiety.


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