Kids vs birth control

I haven’t taken birth control pills in this century, it’s awesome. I don’t have to worry about horrid side effects such as headaches and the frightening “deep vein thrombosis”. (This is said in the same voice as the man who says “deep woods off”). I don’t have to remember to take it every day, I don’t have to remember anything except to feed my two kids.

Yes, my kids give me headaches, but never will they cause me the DVT.

All kidding aside, birth control pills have always scared me. The side effects are horrendous for what the pill does. Isn’t it easier to just have the kids? All twenty of them? The Duggars sure seem to enjoy it!

Ok, so I went and had a tubal ligation. Problem solved! No more worries about getting pregnant, right? Or so you would think. I worry more about getting pregnant now than I ever have. (Weirder because I’m not sexually active).

Babies are miracles, they will come to you if they are yours, regardless of your birth control method.

Good talk.


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