Who Is Crazy?? Maybe It’s Me

Who Is Crazy? Maybe It’s MeI find that one of the worst things about being single is people trying to guess who I’m dating. Trust me, if I talk to someone it’s not because I’m dating him. It’s not because I want to date him. Really. I promise, as soon as I start dating, everyone will know. Until then, kindly zip it.

People assume that because I’m single, I’m looking for anyone, that I’m desperate, that I’m a big loser. Not true. That’s maybe how they felt when they were single, but that’s not me.

That doesn’t stop me, though, from saying when I think guys are hot. Most are. Watching good looking people is one of my favourite things to do. I also have as much fun watching crazy people, skanky people and old people. Find me a crazy, old skank and I’m in eye candy heaven!

On another note, I can’t put my legs over my head anymore. (Speaking of crazy, old skanks)


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