Man Hater? Maybe You Should Try Being Gay

How does this make sense? So because I’ve spent twenty years meeting the wrong guys, in the wrong places, I’m suddenly attracted to women?? No, oddly, I’m still attracted to men. Weird eh? Twenty years of being treated like shit didn’t make me a lesbian.

What makes a lesbian then?

You can’t choose who you are attracted to, or who you love. Some women just love other women, deep and ever lasting love. It’s just as beautiful as any other love, but that doesn’t make me gay. I do think women are beautiful and am secure enough to say so. Women are for looking at, men are for touching.

Even if I decided to “go gay” (like I can do that) I would still pick the wrong one and be hurt by it, I pick the wrong people and that’s all there is to it.

But I WILL say, I do love me some boobies!!!!!

“I’m not desperate because I’m single, I’m single because I’m not desperate.”


11 thoughts on “Man Hater? Maybe You Should Try Being Gay

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