Hate your body?

It’s the only one you have, so stop it.

Everyone wishes for something different about themselves. Taller, shorter, thinner, it makes no difference if you aren’t happy with yourself. Even sadder is women rarely believe it when someone tells them how gorgeous they are. They only see their flaws, their wrinkles, grey hair, pimples, big nose etc.

It’s a challenge sometimes to find something to love about yourself, but find it. Start small, tell yourself that you have great hair and leave the house thinking “I have beautiful hair”, and think it all day. Next day, do the same with your eyes. Keep working through every part of your body, until you’ve loved every inch of yourself.

You were the one who convinced yourself you were “ugly” in the first place, you can reverse that thinking. No one is ugly, I can find something to find attractive in every person I meet.

Then again, that’s only because everyone is beautiful.


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