I’m Trying Bacon Grease As A Cologne

I'm Trying Bacon Grease As A CologneIt’s a little out there, but what the hell. They say the cologne you wear will stick in a mans head, and whenever he smells it, he thinks of you.

Solution: Bacon

I slathered myself up with bacon grease. Not so much that I’m all shiny, just enough for the super bacon aromas. Men love bacon, and the ones that don’t can just keep walking. The last thing I need is a gluten free, vegan health nut.

Why are so many stupid dogs chasing me? Help!!


12 thoughts on “I’m Trying Bacon Grease As A Cologne

  1. Maybe if you toss the grease up in the air and then walk into it as it comes down….๐Ÿ˜ you know…gracefully…like walking through a mist of rain…except it’s bacon grease….

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  2. Bacon really…hilariously funny run to the nearest exit I would not stop just keep on going. Laughing out loud as my dog Sweetie eat his Bacon.

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