Penis Art

I hate to say it, and I don’t know what it means, but I see penis everywhere. I see penis in the pattern of everything I look at. Whether it be bathroom tile, the ceiling, clouds, there it is… penis.

It’s ok though, I don’t mind seeing penis in everything I look at. I’m wondering if the tile manufacturers deliberately add hidden penises in everything, or has my imagination made everything a penis.

You know you have a problem when you see penis in the stars.



11 thoughts on “Penis Art

  1. Ha!love it. I woke up in a bar in Italy once after a bout of heat stroke(long story)to be greeted with penises everywhere…photos of them, paintings, lamp stands, carvings, motifs. Still don’t know if I was hallucinating or not…

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  2. Didn’t the Greeks name most of the constellations after their gods? I’m sure you’ll find Priapus if you look hard enough. All you gotta do is connect the dots! :?P

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